After-School Programs

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OrchKids after-school programming is centered around providing equitable access to instrumental music and the development of valuable life skills such as creativity, collaboration, and leadership. Each week, every OrchKids student participates in a private or small group lesson, a music theory and creation class, an ensemble rehearsal or sectional, and an enrichment activity such as African drumming, art, gym, or community time. Before attending these classes, students receive a meal to ensure that their mind and body are prepared to learn. Students study instruments in the string, woodwind, brass, and percussion musical families and attend after-school programming 2-4 days per week. OrchKids programming is free for all students to attend.

Additionally, students at the Belair-Edison School are able to participate in a “bridge” program specially designed for younger students who have participated in the in-school musicianship and exploratory classes. Students that participate in this bridge program receive the components listed below which helps prepare them for integration into the larger after-school programs. 

All after-school students participate in:

Students can also opt in to: