OrchKids Features

Listen as members of the OrchKids community share about the impact the program has had on their lives.
Celebrating the innovative accomplishments of OrchKids Founder Maestra Marin Alsop, students, community members, and artists participate in this exciting virtual event to honor Marin and the journey of the OrchKids program.

A 17-minute documentary "I AM AN ORCHKID" by James Bartolomeo published in 2016.

A Maryland Public TV feature on OrchKids from 2017.
A look back on the first 15 years of OrchKids, created for the OrchKids 15-Year Celebration Concert

This one-minute feature was created as part of the commemoration of OrchKids' 10th Anniversary.

This playlist features OrchKids chatting with several guests, including Itzhak Perlman and Ben Folds.