Judith Sarah
Associate Director of Early Learning

Judith is pianist, clarinetist, dancer, and visual artist, and has worked with students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities in a wide variety of classroom and community settings. Her commitment to teaching has been continuously renewed and strengthened seeing music work as a social tool to grow confidence and community, drive and discipline, purpose, expression, and joy. While specializing in elementary education at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, she studied the Kodaly method, Music Learning Theory, and was trained to guide children in composition and active/creative listening. She recently received her M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts Infusion at Towson University, and is also an alumna of the Global Leaders Program for social entrepreneurship and educational leadership in the arts.

When Judith is not in a school or at the office, you can find her accompanying local ensembles, performing Eastern European folk music with her klezmer band, swing dancing, or exploring the Baltimore region's exciting cultural institutions and beautiful hiking trails.