A Message From Marin Alsop (Orchpress Fall 2017)

The 2017-18 school year marks OrchKids’ 10 year anniversary. This landmark gives us an opportunity to reflect, celebrate and plan for the next decade: reflect on why our work is so important and necessary, celebrate the program’s accomplishments and the accomplishments of our students and plan how we can reach more students, schools and communities.

It is abundantly clear that OrchKids is an incredible resource that delivers real impact on every aspect of our students’ lives. We owe it to our children to make this opportunity available to as many young people as possible. The theme for our 10th year is Possibility. Promise. Performance. These three words truly embody the OrchKids program and its mission to create social change through music.

• Possibility: Creating possibilities for youth is at the heart of OrchKids mission. Ten years ago, I set out to create new possibilities for Baltimore City students and provide opportunities for children to experience the joy of music. But, more importantly, I set out to create opportunities to help students be successful in school and in life.
• Promise: OrchKids sees the promise in every student who enrolls in our program. We
strive to help create a future full of promise for all our students – promise that goes beyond music. OrchKids, in turn, promises students, families and the community that we will nurture and support them as they grow and thrive.
• Performance: OrchKids provides valuable opportunities for students to perform. The sheer number of musical performance opportunities available to students throughout the year is what makes OrchKids so unique. The practice and hard work that goes into every OrchKids performance helps build valuable skills as well as self-esteem and confidence!

I want to personally thank all donors, volunteers, teachers, staff, community and school leaders, families and students for all you’ve contributed to the program’s success and growth over the past 10 years. Together we are truly transforming lives in Baltimore through our shared belief in and commitment to the power of music.

Marin Alsop