Community Voices: Ashley González

Ashley González is a shining star in the OrchKids program. She started playing the flute at OrchKids when she was in 3rd grade at Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School #215 and is now a 9th grader at Baltimore School for the Arts. Last year, Ashley received the 2023 Marin Alsop Citizenship Award, a prestigious award given to students who embody the traits of its namesake, OrchKids Founder and BSO Music Director Laureate, including commitment, leadership, and service. Reflecting on her experience performing on stage at the Meyerhoff at the OrchKids 15-Year Celebration Concert, Ashley said “It was a dream come true, really” as “[her] goal is to join the BSO, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and be one of the flautists there, as [her] dream job.” A few months after this performance, Ashley flew to Michigan to attend the Interlochen Arts Camp on a full scholarship! Ashley has grown into an incredible, dedicated young musician and we cannot wait to see her musical journey continue at OrchKids and beyond.

Watch the video above to listen to Ashley describe her musical journey in her own words.