Creating Pathways and Possibilities for Middle and High School Students (OrchPress Spring 2018)

What started as pilot program last summer has become a new formal track that focuses on increased access points and flexible after school programming options for students in grades 6-12. This is the new OrchKids Middle & High School Track and it is up and running at three school sites this year!

As OrchKids students have grown in age and in numbers over the past ten years, so too has the need for OrchKids programing to meet the unique needs of these exceptional teens. Through focus groups with students and school communities, OrchKids has partnered with other organizations in order to make these dynamic and engaging program options possible!

In addition to new programming, OrchKids Orchestra has expanded to include more students! Last year, OrchKids invited students from Arbutus to join our orchestra and the results were so positive that we have now opened our doors to include ANY Baltimore City student who wants to join. OrchKids Orchestra is designed to musically and socially engage students from a wide range of backgrounds from both Baltimore City and the surrounding counties. This FREE orchestra features works by many diverse composers and a wide array of musical genres such as pop, jazz, reggae, hip hop, and classical. Students are also engaged with notable guest artists, unique and exciting performance opportunities and collaboration. For information, please email us at

The following OrchKids after-school program sites now offer these exciting musical and non-musical options for older students, including guided and independent academic study as well as private music lessons.

Lockerman Bundy

  • Cross-site OrchKids Wind Ensemble, African Drumming, Brass Band
  • Baltimore Urban Debate League workshops, Art with a Heart, Dance


  • Cross-site OrchKids String Ensemble, Brass Band
  • Artesanas Mexicanas (The Creative Alliance), Ceramics, Nutrition, Art

Booker T. Washington Middle School

  • Brass Band, OrchKids Orchestra (accepting any students from the greater Baltimore metro-area)
  • Baltimore Urban Debate League workshop