Student Spotlight: Andre Palmer (Orchpress Spring 2018)

Andre Palmer, along with his twin sister, Asia, has been enrolled in OrchKids since day one! He is among our core group of veterans who are leading the way for younger OrchKids students across the city. As a first grader and former Marin level student, Andre’s initial instrument of choice was the cello. Over the years, as Andre’s musical interests have grown; he has become a talented percussionist who enjoys mentoring younger students as well as the beginner students in OrchKids Brass Band at Lockerman Bundy. Andre currently attends Mervo High School and participates in Peabody Preparatory’s Saturday music program, Tuned In. He is also an avid basketball fan and loves to play sports. We recently sat down with Andre to get some of his thoughts and reflect over his years in OrchKids:

Andre, what do you enjoy most about Orchkids?
I enjoy helping younger students in the program. It’s also fun traveling to different cities and meeting new people. When I travel to new places, I love making music with the students I meet there. Every time OrchKids travels to another city, we get to share our creative compositions and music with others.

Do you have a favorite moment at Orchkids?
Last year, OrchKids held their summer program at the SEED School. I enjoyed being in a new space with my friends who have also been in the program for 10 years. We were able to play music and play sports on the fields afterwards. It was the best summer ever!

Why is OrchKids important?
OrchKids gives students a chance to be heard. All students and staff care about one another. While being in the OrchKids program, I have been able to mentor younger students. It is very important for older students to help new students, because we have a chance to show younger students what OrchKids is all about!

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Where do you see OrchKids in another 10 years?
I have always dreamed of working for OrchKids or creating a new program just like it. I would be able to give children the same opportunities I was given. My friends and I would like to create more sites in the Baltimore city area. We believe OrchKids will be worldwide in the future.